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Wrecking Ball

It's BIG, it's BOLD, it's EXTREME!

It's the ultimate high-energy inflatable. Four players climb atop their inflatable pads, one player grabs the 'wrecking ball' and hurls it at one of their opponents trying to knock them off their inflatable pad. As the wrecking ball swings back, try to grab it! Once you've got the wrecking ball, you 'rule the roost' and now it's your chance to knock your competitors off their post! Last person standing is the CHAMP!



Wrecking Ball
Rental Cost: Sat. or Sun. - $500.00 per day
Weekdays - $400.00 per day

Price includes: rental, delivery, set-up and insurance.
6.25% MA sales tax is additional.
Requirements: One 20 amp, 110 volt outlet within 100 feet of the inflatable.

Level, grassy area is the best place to set the Wrecking Ball.

Adult supervision is required at all times.

A minimum round area of 35' is required. Wrecking Ball towers 18' high.

Capacity: Four players at a time.
Approximately 160 people per hour can enjoy this attraction.
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